Rashami Desai reveals her wedding planning with Arhaan Khan to Arti

Many routers are coming in the show that Arhaan Khan and Rashami Desai are dating each other and finally everyone got their answer about the relationship between Rashami and Arhaan.

Arhaan returned to the Bigg Boss house making Rashami very happy because after the eviction of Deevoleena she had become very tensed and did not want to take part in any conversation.

The return of Arhaan once again has given her the confidence to play a better game in the Bigg Boss’s house.
After entering the Bigg Boss house, without wasting any time Arhaan immediately proposed to Rashami Desai.

This proposal has made her (Rashmi Desai) very happy. Rashmi as shown in the episode has accepted the proposal of Arhaan warmly and hugged him very tightly.

Last night Arti Singh asked her to reveal her plans about the wedding of both of them. To which Rashami Desai replied saying that she knew that Arhaan likes him but wanted to listen with from his mouth. Rashmi even said that this was just the beginning of their relationship. She didn’t plan anything in this matter.

Rashami also said that she wishes to take this relationship very far. However, she was not sure about the marriage of both of them. Arhaan then came to Rashami and said that the ring given by him is designed by himself and he also wanted to design the wedding clothes for Rashmi.

Arhaan again proposed Rashami Desai while, the whole-house watched this and also appreciate them to have a great relationship together.

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