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Unseasonal rain, hailstorm affected more than 28,000 hectares of crops

About 70 houses have been damaged in district Wardha and about 27 in district Nagpur of the division.

Nagpur: Officials informed on Thursday that, In the last few days, the crops grown on more than 28,000 hectares of land in the division of Nagpur district of Maharashtra have suffered the brunt of unseasonal hailstorm and rain.

unseasonal rain

About 70 houses have been damaged in district Wardha and about 27 in district Nagpur of the division. He has also told that one person has also died due to lightning in district Nagpur.

Hail and rain have been seen in various districts of the eastern region of Vidarbha between the date of January 8 to 11.

An official also told PTI that as per preliminary reports, the bad weather has affected 28,000 hectares of agricultural land in about 1,272 villages in Gadchiroli and Chandrapur districts.

The official also said that Gadchiroli district is the worst affected with 8,550 hectares of land in about 714 villages, After this, about 7,495 hectares of land has been affected in district Nagpur.

An official of the Agriculture Department has also said that since the date of January 8, rains in Ashti, Arvi, Karanja, and many other areas of the district have affected crops on more than 3,000 hectares of land in Wardha district.

The official also said that standing crops like tur, cotton, and orange plantations have been damaged.

Local Administration Started Survey

Officials have also informed that Ramtek, Kampti, Sauner, and Parseni areas of district Nagpur received hailstorm and rain on Tuesday.

Along with this, the local administration has also started the survey of this affected agricultural land.

Nitin Raut, Minister of the Guardian of District Nagpur, has given instructions to conduct a ‘panchnama’ of the damage done in the district. A district official has told that Collector R Vimla has ordered the revenue department to take action on it and submit a report.

Sunil Kedar, Maharashtra Animal Husbandry Minister, is in Nagpur to inspect the affected villages of the district.

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