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App Launched By NEERI to Check Noise Pollution

A very innovative and necessary step has been taken by NEERI. NEERI stands for National Environmental Engineering Research Institute. It is the major institute of India where students pursue engineering in the field of environmental improvements. it has been credited a number of times for doing major projects in the field of environmental development.

Once again NEERI has stepped forward to improve the environment and now they have launched a new app called “Noise”. This app will let you measure and keep track of the noise pollution around you. The launch of the app took place during the 77th foundation day event of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

“Our aim must be to liberate ourselves from the optical illusion we are trapped in and widen our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and nature in its entirety. “Whether we achieve this goal or not, mere effort in that direction puts us on the path of liberation, forms the foundation of real scientific research and prepares us to face the challenges,” said Dr J S Pandey, chief scientist, science secretary and head of the Centre for Climate Sustainability and Skill Development during the same event on Thursday.

He also highlighted the fact that the collective measure is to be taken by society and the government. Every individual is expected to take a step to improve the environment around us. “Collective efforts needed before environmental crisis slips out of hand,” said NEERI director Dr Rakesh Kumar.

The mayor of the city, Nanda Jickhar was also present in the event. She appreciated the efforts of the team working in NEERU and CSIR for the betterment of the society and the country.  There was a massive strength of students in the event. The dignities appreciated the involvement of students for better of one and everyone.

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