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Gang of dacoits has been busted by the city police

On Thursday, the city police along with the Allahabad Crime Branch had arrested 4 dacoits in a joint operation.

Nagpur: A gang of dacoits has been busted by the police of this city. Whose female members, in the form of beggars and toy sellers, do recce of the areas during the day. And his men attacked the houses of the desolate, where even armed robbery could take place at night without resistance.

On Thursday, the police of this city along with the Allahabad Crime Branch had arrested 4 dacoits in a joint operation.

After scanning the recordings of around 100 CCTV cameras across the city and thoroughly verifying their involvement with fingerprint analysis, The crime branch team under DCP Chinmay Pandit and CP Sunil Phulari has succeeded in identifying the gang of Changiram Gosavi of Madhya Pradesh. Their arrests have been made with the help of mobile tracking technology.

Although Changiram Gosavi is completely successful in dodging the police, But the crime branch team of Ganesh Pawar, PSI Balram Jhadokar, assistant PIs Mayur Chourasiya, and others, with the help of their Allahabad counterparts, has well managed to nab the kingpin’s sons Guru alias Akash, Pintya Mogya, Rohit Bhagat, and Nirmal Mogya from the Pardhi areas. Along with this, the cyber cell had also helped the team in locating the whereabouts of these criminals.

Gang members have worked

CP Amitesh Kumar who used to closely monitor its investigation day by day, Has said that Changiram, his other sons, and others will be apprehended very soon. The CP has also said that his gang has a long history of attacking at different places in the city. After finding out, 3 cases were resolved, In which one was at the residence of a senior citizen in Dabha and one was also at the residence of a couple living within the limits of Beltarodi police station. They have also recovered valuables worth about Rs 4.60 lakh from them.

Chinmay has also said that the gang members have worked as pickpockets in and around the Sadar and railway station.

It is also learned that the police have identified the gang after each robbery after seeing them disperse and then regroup at LIC and RBI squares. The gangster’s Changiram was also seen in footage from where the gang was also identified.

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