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Govt approves transfers of ‘in-house’ teachers

In the latter, the salary is paid by the state government which not only provides stability but also provides a very high pay scale.

Nagpur: The state government has now fully allowed the transfers of the teachers in the schools of the same trust. Due to which many academics have got a lot of relief. The decision is being welcomed because it fully allows all teachers to be shifted from ‘unaided’ classes to ‘aided’ classes.

govt approves transfers

The salary is paid by the state government which not only provides stability but also provides a very high pay scale, in the latter.

The general secretary of Vidarbha Junior College Teachers Association (VJUCTA) named Ashok Gavhankar has said that if there is any vacancy of any kind in the aided section of any school, Then there is absolutely no need to hire teachers from outside. All schools can also transfers their existing staff from the unaided section here.

This will be a very good and big bonus for working teachers in all private unaided schools. Ashok has also said that most of the schools have very low pay scales in the unaided category. And it is directly linked to fee collection. So then there will be 1 huge jump in salary for all the teachers going inside the aided section. And along with this, the guarantee that comes with a government job.

Basic Student Teacher Ratio

Earlier also there was speculation that the order of 1 reverse would be allowed to receive the aid from the unaided to save additional teachers from being removed from far flung places in the state. Since the state government pays the salary. For this reason, it has set a Basic pupil-teacher ratio (PTR) which determines how many teachers can be hired by 1 school. Enrollment of students in all local medium schools is getting very low. Because parents of all students now prefer English schooling only, due to which pupil-teacher ratio has been broken over time.

Ashok has said that now he has a situation where there are no students by any means to teach. And because of this only teachers can be classified as extra.

Ashok has also said that if they move to this unaided class, then who will pay their salary. Because of this, it was impossible to implement such a plan. Even if it is being demanded.

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