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Pranjal is a big name in the film industry these days. With his hard work and unique way to deliver the social message through his films, he has achieved a great position in the film industry. Pranjal has made various films on social issue, and through his unique style of filmmaking, he has asked very hard questions to society. In this article, we will be discussing the films that have changed the way society thinks in certain aspects. These films are very close to the heart of Film Director Pranjal.


We all know how women in our society are treated. We also know how tough is life and the problems through which they undergo. They face domestic violence, rape threats, molestation, no freedom and have to follow various rules and regulations in this independent country. On whom should be they dependent to face all these situations. Their husband, their brother, their son, or someone else? As per Pranjal, she needs to fight this situation with their own hands. She needs to stand up for their right in this society and raise her voice. Women are powerful enough that they can fight with this society if they attain willpower. Producer/Director Pranjal Singh released his film RAISE YOUR VOICE EK AWAAZ, on this special event the whole cast and crew of the movie were present and people showed their excitement and interest in this movie. This film is about Sexual harassment, Eve teasing, and other social evils and torture against women in society, as well as the movie, contains the possible changes which a woman can make against this social evil all by herself by just raising her voice against them. The movie is about the crimes against women of modern society and how they are treated when they revolt against it. The film is an effort to highlight the cases of rape and sexual harassment that go unreported and unnoticed in our society where people you know, you believe, you trust the most, and feel safe with them will hurt you the most. There are many characters in this film, The main aim of the movie is to bring out the hidden ” INSANIYAT ” in everyone. Its important for every woman to know their rights, what can be categorized as rape that should be reported and our society needs to change its mindset. Women are victims, they shouldn’t be sidelined or blamed for what happened to them. Pranjal believes that to be a girl in today’s society is not a crime but is a thing of pride & God Gifted.


The recently released film of Pranjal, Halala A Curse- Ishq ka katal Karta Talak, was made after the supreme court’s verdict on Halala. If a man marries(Nikah) a girl and as per his choice he leaves and marries another girl, is this right? Can someone who belongs to any religion do it right? We might have seen several films related to Halala on various digital platforms. But the way Pranjal has made this film makes him a unique director. The film carries no nudity, vulgar scenes, and foul language as the other Halala issue films. The tagline ‘Ishq ka Katal Karta talak’ sums up the movie in one line. The movie starts with the husband and wife having a conversation. In some angriness Husband says Talak! Talak! Talak to his wife which he should not have spoken. Then how the girls go through her life after this incident is portrayed by Pranjal very accurately. In the end, the husband realizes his mistake and bows down to her to accepts his mistake and brings her wife home back. A Maulvi comes at the end stage and tells him that they can not live with each other because he has given Talak to her. The husband gets very nervous and asks his wife whether she is ready to live with him. The wife replies she is ready to leave everything and wants to live with him forever. You need to watch the movie for knowing what happens next, but seriously we need to ask ourselves ‘Humara Dharam bada hai, hamara mazhab bada hai, ya hamara Pyaar bada hai? [What is the

greater religion or love]. This is what Pranjal has asked the people at the end of the movie. Actor Joy Sengupta says that the story of this film is very interesting and on social issues, and it was a great experience working with a young Film Director Pranjal Singh. This is the 40th short film of Pranjal Singh, He has a distinct identity, he is known for making films on social topics and problems. The purpose of coming from Patna to Mumbai has always been to make films on social issues so that people can be made aware through the film.  


This is one of the best films delivered by Pranjal to date. We all have seen our National flag flying high on 26th January and also on 15th August. Also, we have noticed that our national flags lie down on the roads after these days. But how many of us have cared? Very few or maybe the numbers can be counted on fingers. Pranjal asks society what happen to them apart from these two days? Why don’t they fly our National flag beyond these two days? Is our ‘Deshbhakti’ limited to these two days only? At the end of the film, we see our National Flag ‘lying’ not flying on the road. People pass through it, watching it, and nobody cares. People are too busy with their work and nobody gets a single minute to stand up for the Indian flag. A Handicap person is shown at the end who feels for our Flag. He sees that the flag is lying on road by his efforts he picks up the flag and

salutes it. The background music with this scene will bring tears to your eyes and also your head will bow down with shame as we all have ignored our national flag after 15th August and 26th January.

Several other films have been made by Pranjal. But these are must-watch films. Film Director Pranjal has made several films on N-Number of social issues. It includes water conservation, tree protection, animal protection, and many more. Most of these films are in award functions and his fans need to wait for some time to watch them. A man from a small town in Bihar has established himself as a great questioner in front of society through his films & Camera, A man who watch all things from his camera lens, As we all are aware Pranjal recognizes that education is more important than food, clothes, and a home in our lives, he offers free education to a large number of young people and children so that they can contribute to the development of a good society and make the country proud with their knowledge and skills. He is been researching several kinds of stuff related to society and education so that he can make people think about these things through his filmmaking skills. Pranjal says “Find a successful opportunity if you want to advance. Consider what social issue you should tackle today if you want to be a great person”. And we all know through his film he has been doing great work and we wish him very good luck for the future. A man who dreams for society betterment & growth of the country is Film Director Pranjal Singh.

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