Popular YouTuber Adi Reddy Boddu wins the best fantasy cricket expert award.

He has thanked his fans who have supported him throughout his journey, says he will always be indebted to them.

YouTuber Adi Reddy Boddu
YouTuber Adi Reddy Boddu

There were drastic changes that took place owing to the pandemic, as the world started to function in a different way altogether. Socializing went down to a great extent as people started spending more time indoors, either watching television or playing games, as venturing out was prohibited. People found new ways to connect and online games became the new norm as the majority of the globe’s population got involved in it to while away their time. According to reports, online gaming grew at a rapid rate of 40% in 2020. Furthermore, findings also revealed that fantasy sports grew by more than 100% in 2019 and the growth continues to date. Many individuals stepped into this zone and made their mark. Here we would like to mention a name who has not only done extremely well in the Fantasy Cricket sphere but has also won an award for being an expert in this space, he is Boddu Venkata Audi Narayana Reddy, known by his short name Adi Reddy Boddu.

The world of fantasy sports games, especially cricket, has seen many Indian online gamers show their interest in it as it is one of the favorite sports of the country. In view of the game’s importance that is deeply imbibed in the hearts of Indians, it was no surprise that Fantasy Cricket became an instant hit when it made its debut in 2001. India has produced many experts in this space, and Adi Reddy tops the list. He has emerged as a popular YouTuber whose channel gives engaging reviews on fantasy cricket as well as the Telugu Bigg Boss program. He was recently awarded the Fantasy Cricket expert award by HJain and B Sheth, the founders of the Fantasy Cricket app, at an event held in Goa. He also won a decent amount of prize money, which he says will donate towards the upliftment of needy children via organizations that work in this area.

This popular YouTuber from Nellore has risen out of nowhere to become a rage, having more than 3 lakh subscribers. Apart from his present area of work, he also has an immense interest in music and has also launched a music album. Presently, he is working hard on his next album, which will be based on the success stories of various YouTubers who will also feature in it. Adi Reddy Boddu has reached this position owing to his hard work and dedication to his passion which has taken him to such towering heights of success. “I want to dedicate this award to my fans who have been my support system right from the beginning,” says Adi.

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