Meme Ki Aankh, India’s first meme page run by 5 young women

Meme Ki Aankh

One of the things one has to be thankful for social media is the advent of memes. Memes are often a pictorial representation of a current trend or some topical subject with a tinge of humor to it. There are several popular meme pages on social media and one thing that is common to all these pages is the fact that all of them are run by men. A while back, Srinidhi, Eulalia, Trupti, Aksha, and Lynette, five young women from Mumbai decided to start a memes page. They decided to call it ‘Meme Ki Aankh’.

“Lockdown happened and all of us thought of doing something fun and interesting during our free time. That is when this whole idea of starting a meme page on Facebook struck us. All of us enjoy going through memes and would often come up with ideas on memes. In the past, we had shared some original memes with our friends that got a very good response. We realized putting it all out on a page would be a good idea.”

The girls also talk about the importance of girls running a meme page.

“Many times, the content you find on some of these pages is offensive and detrimental towards women. Being funny is fine but you must know where to draw the line. You cannot be insensitive to anyone while trying to evoke laughter. If more women come forward and run these pages, then there would be more sensitive content available on these pages. We want to spread the message that you can be funny without being offensive or insensitive,” says one of the admin.

With 55,000+ likes in a short span of time, the page has managed to become very popular quickly and getting good traction on social media.

“Contrary to what a lot of people believe, girls have a better sense of humor than boys. And their sense of humor is definitely more classy! We have got a great response so far and I hope our page keeps getting popular and inspires a lot of other young women to get into this space”, states Aksha.

While one has seen pictures and text-based content on the page so far, video content will be rolled out soon.

“Today, everybody who is creating content on social media focuses more on creating videos. We live in times when people are more interested in ‘watching’ than ‘reading’. We have shot a bunch of quirky videos that are in sync with the theme of our page. We will put them out on the page very soon. Looking forward to seeing how people react to it,” says Lynette.

Talking about the growing popularity of their page, She says, “It is important to talk about topical or tending subjects. Everybody does that. But, one must also be original. People will come to your page only if they identify with their brand of humor. The memes that you see on our page are a reflection of the kind of humor we enjoy ourselves. It is very different from the kind of content you see on other pages.”

“Humor is a complex phenomenon that involves social, emotional, physiological, cognitive, cultural and evolutionary influences, to name a few. One important aspect is the ability to make others laugh. The page is growing big day by day and audience are getting more attached to the page content because the content is largely correlated, we can say that women appear to have higher humor production ability than men”, says owners of MEDIA TRIBE, a Mumbai based Digital Marketing Agency in an interview.

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