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Tar Roads Better than Cement Roads Feel Nagpurians and Experts

Nagpur Potholes
Nagpur Potholes

As we see most of the places in Nagpur city being disturbed for the construction of cement roads, it has simply added woes to the traffic flowing on different routes within the city. Man of the tar roads of conditions was uprooted to construct the cement roads claiming that these are better than the former in many ways. However, as per many citizens and even the experts from Nagpur, the tar roads are better in terms of quality and can be free from issues like potholes.

This was the reaction when the standing committee chief of the civic body, NMC Mr. Pradip Pahone said that tar roads can never free from issues like potholes. Many of the city based engineers, technicians and activists felt otherwise to the views expressed by the authorized person from NMC. While talking about the same, Pahone said that tar roads are flexible and get water inside it so the cables inside it get damaged, which is not the case with the cement roads.

One of the experts on the other side the experts and people into this field feels the opposite. One of the Ph.D. student from VNIT Mr. Aamin Zafeer who is doing his research on this field said that the tar roads are better in terms of quality and life as compared to the cement roads. These have a good life and can sustain to ten years easily provided they are designed and maintained nicely. He then alleged the civic body stating that the NMC designs improperly which leads to problems like potholes.

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