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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to Inaugurate 1st CNG Station in Nagpur

Nagpur is seen taking an important step ahead towards becoming smart with every passing day. We now hear that the city will have its first CNG Station allowing the citizens to access unconventional energy as an auto fuel. The CNG station is to be inaugurated by the Union Minister for Transport, Highway and Shipping – Mr. Nitin Gadkari on 13th September at Automotive Square located at Kamptee Road in Nagpur.

The initiative is run by the Rawmatt Industries Private Limited, which is the outcome of the Union Minister’s vision to convert the diesel vehicles and fleets to CNG ones. The said company took the responsibility and established the unit in the city by managing the supply chain management along with arranging the proper inventory for meeting the demands and the regular supply of the CNG in the city.

The company established a full-time conversion center in Wadi where it converts the diesel fleet to CNG systems. The official informed that they bring the LNG or liquefied natural gas from one of the terminals in Gujarat seeking the help of tankers. They claim that transporting and managing the LNG is affordable and easy when compared to CNG. Once the LNG reaches Nagpur at their facility, they convert the same into CNG with the help of the vaporization process. They then transport to their CNG stations with CNG Cascades.

The company has established 12 different stations within city and currently, three have become operational, which will be inaugurated tomorrow by the hands of the Union Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari. Compared to petrol, CNG is inexpensive as it cost only 60 Rs per kg while petrol is 80 per liter. Also, CNG has other benefits in terms of mileage and giving the engine a good life as well.

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