Woman jumps into Sabarmati river and leaves a heartbreaking video

On February 25, a woman allegedly died by suicide by drowning herself in the Sabarmati river. According to reports released, she supposedly spoke to her husband and parents before jumping into the river. Moreover, she also left a video message for her family after her. The victim was identified as Ayesha Khan who resided in Ahmadabad, Gujarat.

As per the investigation so far, the reason behind this step seems to be the emotional abuse inflicted on her by her husband Arif Babukhan. The woman’s father, Liyakatali Makrani also lodged an FIR and informed the police about how the husband ill-treated her. The video message that she left behind contains her helplessness and despise for the way she has been treated by people. The reports also reveal that the husband instigated Ayesha to take this step by asking her to jump into the river and die if she wanted to. He also asked her to send him a video of her doing the aforementioned. The utter audacity and inhuman behavior say a lot about their relationship.

In the heartbreaking video, she urges her father to not fight with his loved ones and advises him to make peace with his close people. She says she was not made for the hatred in this world. “Ayesha ladai ke liye nahin bani”. In the end, she asks people to remember her in her prayers and talks about her maybe not going to heaven. And lastly, she wishes that she never has to see another human’s face in any of her fore coming lives. A Sabarmati Riverfront (West) police station official said Arif Babukhan is yet to be arrested and the probe into the incident continued.

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