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Workshop conducted for safer streets

Urban Mass Transit Company Limited had recently organised a workshop alongwith Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation Limited and Nagpur Municipal Corporation under. The workshop was organised under the initiative named ‘Mobilise Your City’ at Hotel Tuli Imperial in Nagpur. The workshop was for a single day. It was conducted to have a talk on design and engineering interventions for improving the safety of the pedestrians on road. It also aimed at discussing about designing safer streets. The Technical assistance program, MYC is supported by the European Union. In India, it is implemented by Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

Mr. Mahesh Morone inaugurated the workshop, who is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NSSCDCL. The workshop had more than 80 participants. They discussed on the need for promotion of sustainable mobility. They also focused on the need to reduce GHG emission from various vehicles. They emphasized on adopting Haryana Vision Zero Program for preventing road crashes and fatalities. Also principles for designing safer Streets were discussed. Some presentations were also presented that included examples of cities with reduced pedestrian and two-wheeler conflict points because of street re-designing. This has resulted in a decrease in deteriorating crashes and fatalities.

The participants were also taken for a site visit later to identify the areas requiring concern and attention. They then worked on junction design proposals for the identified problems at the visit site. Many proposals were put up by different participants for safer streets. Lastly, the vote of thanks was delivered to end the workshop.

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